10 Foods That Help Burn Fat

The older we get, our metabolism starts to slows down. This can have an effect on you trying to lose and keep your weight under control. There may be many of your desired foods you have to give up in order to maintain your weight. You can add some foods to your daily intake to help burn off those extra pounds that you have accumulated over the years. Maintaining the right amount of certain foods can help in a healthy diet, help burn those pounds away, and keep them away.

Below are 10 foods that will help you burn fat easy and fast.  You do not have to eat them all at once, but a healthy balance of each will help you reach your fat burning goals.  A good rule of thumb for burning fat is 3-5 pounds a month.

Peppers:  Hot peppers can be added to soups, sauces, and rich dishes.

Green Tea (hot or cold):  Green tea is an antioxidant.  This helps the body make better use of a “naturally occurring hormone and neurotransmitter called norepinephrine”.

Oats:  Oats are high in fiber and when your body needs to break down that fiber- rich whole foods, your body burns twice as many calories during the digestion process.

Grapefruit:  Half a grapefruit with a cup of black coffee in the morning is 74 calories.

Lean Meats:  Lean turkey or chicken is a source of protein. Make sure you remove any excess skin or fat.

Lentils:  Your body spends more time breaking down to digest.  Lentils are high in protein and low in fat.

Fish:  Salmon, mackerel, albacore and tuna but choose organic or sustainably sourced products. Fish contain Omega-3 fatty acids.

Berries:  The strawberries, raspberries,blackberries,and blueberries are natural sources are a great way to boost your metabolism.

Apples:  Apples do help body blood flow and help you build healthier and stronger muscles. The darker the skin, the richer it is in antioxidants, and stronger the fat burning effects.

Beets:  A powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, beets help maintain a healthy energized body beneficial to your diet. Beets may assist your weight-loss by lowering cholesterol due to their high fiber content.

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