Accomplish More with Less by Filtering Out the Bad and Hunting the Good Stuff (Filter Management)

You don’t need everything in your life. You hold on to things thinking you need them but in fact you really don’t. When you get rid of the things that are not important you will find that it is liberating and will free you up for the things that matter most in your life. 

Have you ever seen someone who is a hoarder?  They will hoard everything regardless of the item because they think they can’t live without it, it has sentimental value, they might need it later for something (whatever that may be), someone else may need it and they want to have it readily available, and so on.  Next thing you know this person has piles of things that are either collecting dust, no longer have value, things that have been forgotten, or things that are no longer of use. 

When you hold onto things in your life in hopes that it will continue to mean something to you or someone else you are cluttering up your life with unnecessary things.  Don’t be a collector of just random things with little to no value.  Instead focus on your Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF).  If it does not directly correlate with you BLUF, then you should filter it out of your life.  I’m not telling you that you should ignore things of value, but be on the lookout by hunting the good stuff every day for things that will meet your BLUF or someone else that will solve immediate needs, instead of supposed, possible, potential, or non-existent needs. 

This does not have to only relate to things in your life.  This can also translate into people or even tasks that do not need to be in your life as well.  There are people in your life that will hold you back from accomplishing the things you want.  If you notice this, then you need to get rid of those negative people so you can focus on your BLUF.  The same thing applies with tasks.  You do not need to be a “YES” person and volunteer your time, energy, and efforts into everything that presents itself as a possible opportunity to you.  Be cautious and careful when you commit to things as they can overwhelm you.


Below are some tips to help you filter out un-necessary things in your life that will allow you to take control of your time, energy, and resources 

  • Identify what your Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) is and take appropriate action by only committing to those things that will lead you toward accomplishing your BLUF
  • Identify people that are “dead weight”, offer no value to you or your team, or are trying to drag you down with moving forward toward your goals and shift your focus away from them or mentor them in a positive way
  • Be selective with things you volunteer for.  You may be a subject matter expert in a lot of things but it doesn’t mean you have to offer your time, effort, and resources toward everything


When you are able to intentionally focus on these three action items you will align what is important in your life, establish more clarity, and expand more margin in your life to do what matters most.  You have to remain vigilant every day so that you do not procrastinate, get complacent, or allow anything to get in your life that does not belong.  Once you identify something that is not a part of your BLUF, then immediately filter it.


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I am a motivational speaker, author, mentor, and leadership expert with 22 years knowledge and experience leading others to personal and professional success. My goal is to provide you with the tips, tools, techniques, and resources that will guide you on the right path to achieving your life goals.

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