Invest In Your Personal or Professional Education/Training (Educational Goals)

Besides having knowledge and experience, nothing spells success or the potential for it better than having a degree or technical certification. By having these all important credentials sets you apart from your peers and will give you opportunities for promotion and higher level jobs that will benefit you and your family.

You have to do something that sets yourself apart from your peers that will give you an advantage in knowledge, experience, promotion potential, and so forth.  One way that you can do that is to expand your personal or professional education.  Nowadays, having an Associate’s Degree, a Bachelors Degree, or even an MBA is not enough for many different reasons.

Below are some areas you need to focus on that will give you the necessary skills to achieve your personal and/or professional interests/goals:

Higher Education

One reason could be that everyone has one and it doesn’t set you apart, it just makes you look like everyone else.  An up and coming degree plan that can set you apart other than having an MBA is to acquire an MSL.  An MSL is a Masters in the Science of Leadership.  This degree plan will set you apart from your peers who all have MBA’s.  When choosing a degree plan, choose a plan that aligns with what you would like to do or enjoy doing.  When I first went to college I started taking classes on what I thought I wanted to do and then ultimately (25 years later) completed a Bachelor’s Degree program in something completely different.  It was almost such a waste because I graduated with significantly much more credit hours that what was needed and feel like I wasted time pursuing something that never came to fruition.  Take your time, think about what you want to do, come to a conclusion on the higher purpose of why you are seeking higher education, make an intentional decision, and stick with it.

Technical Certifications

We are in the day and age where computers, networks, network security, software/application development, web design, and other technical areas are not only the current trend, but is also the future.  You need to set yourself apart by gaining a technical certification such as A+, Network+, Security+, CISSP, or any other technical certification.  By doing this it will identify you as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in a growing field that is both challenging and rewarding.  Not to mention, that it will give you the skills necessary to solve a lot of your own problems; especially if you use computers and network equipment consistently.

Project Management Professional (PMP) or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

Project Management Professional (PMP) and/or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) are professional areas of expertise that you can gain a certification in that will set you apart from your peers and give you the skills necessary to tackle any project.  When you think about it, you conduct tasks every single day and it is often difficult to manage.  If you magnify that and think of your tasks as part of bigger projects, the amount of things to consider can be overwhelming.  By gaining knowledge and experience in these two areas will give you what is needed to handle larger projects successfully.

Microsoft Office Suite

Personal Computers (PC’s) come preloaded often times with the suite of Microsoft Office tools and most jobs require you to use this suite of software to accomplish daily tasks and much larger projects.  If you are unfamiliar with them you should get to be familiar as they are both commonly and widely used throughout the professional world of business.  Although there are several alternatives that are equally good if not better, you should have at least a basic understanding of these programs.  I have found that there are many different uses for each program that can help you leverage the way you approach things ranging from general typing, database management, presentations, and the many creative ways in which you can use them.  You can easily learn new software by watching YouTube videos, taking an online course, or just diving right in and playing around with each program, testing its capability and find creative ways you can extend its power and productivity.

There are many other ways in which you can expand your knowledge and experience.  These should be sufficient to get you started on the right path to personal or professional success.  Remember, you are responsible for taking your learning to the next level.  Nobody is going to do it for you.  If you are going to progress within your personal or professional life/career you need these essentials in order to build a solid foundation so you can handle increased responsibility and a growing need for evolving educational requirements in the work force.

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