Nobody Is Perfect

“If you seek PERFECTION in everything, you will achieve it in nothing”

How many times have you moved something around just after you put it there looking for that perfect angle? How often do you write something down, erase it, and re-write it 100 times until it is perfect? Have you changed clothes, re-applied your makeup, or fixed your hair so many times in the morning and just can’t get it right? It is possible that you could be obsessed with PERFECTIONISM.

If you get bent out of shape just because something is not perfect, you will find yourself on an emotional roller-coaster ride that will lead you nowhere. There is nothing wrong with the imperfections in life.

Below are some tips that will help you overcome PERFECTIONISM.

  • Become aware of your tendencies
  • See the positive, not the negative
  • Set achievable goals/expectations
  • Laugh and don’t let anyone steal your joy
  • Study successful people
  • Get over yourself
  • Understand that rejection is not the end
  • Constructive criticism doesn’t destroy you
  • Acknowledge achievements instead of failures
  • Quit comparing yourself to others
  • Enjoy the journey
  • Love yourself and what you do


These are just a few, but don’t hesitate to be creative in coming up with your own methods to OVERCOME PERFECTIONISM.

About Terry Thompson

I am a motivational speaker, author, mentor, and leadership expert with 22 years knowledge and experience leading others to personal and professional success. My goal is to provide you with the tips, tools, techniques, and resources that will guide you on the right path to achieving your life goals.

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