Smaller Than An Ant

In the summer blockbuster movie, Ant-Man, Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang who becomes the Ant-Man when he dons the special suit made by Dr. Hank Pym.  Being the size of an ant may seem quite small, but there are many living things that are much smaller than an ant.  Things that you sometimes cannot see with your eyes.

Affecting many people around the world is an insect that could be considered a vampire in the insect world.  The bed bug or Cimex lectularius, prefers to feed on human blood and typically lives inside of beds.  They are most active at night while people sleep and people usually don’t notice as their saliva injects anticoagulants and painkillers to avoid being felt as they feed.  Yet their bites are very visible the next morning when people wake up to see reddish spots all over their body.

The Mymaridae, commonly known as fairy flies or fairy wasps, are on average 0.5 millimeters long.  These are the world’s smallest known flying insect.  Most people in tropical climates such as Hawaii don’t even notice them.

At just 0.4 millimeters in size, Euryplatea nanaknihali is the world’s smallest fly which resides in Thailand.  It is so small that it actually lays their eggs inside of ants and when they grow big enough they kill the ant!

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