Talk To God In Prayer Every Day

Verse:  Romans 12 – Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer


Every day is an opportunity for you to do many things but often times people forget to start their day in prayer.  Starting your day in prayer gives you an opportunity to reflect on the day, the blessing that it is, and to give thanks to God for another day to spread His glory.


Throughout the day as things happen, don’t forget to give thanks to God or ask for His strength and guidance by taking a moment to pray for the things He presents to your life.  No matter how big or small, positive or negative, remember that God does things for you, not to you and you must take every opportunity to talk with Him each and every day.


Equally as important to begin your day with prayer and throughout is to end your day with prayer as well.  Just before you go to bed end your day with a few words to God.  Once again, reflect on the days events, give thanks for every opportunity, and ask that you continue to be blessed with the ability to serve another day.


Action Items – If you want to get closer to God it is imperative that you pray each and every day.  You must begin each day in prayer, pray throughout the day as things happen for you, and finally end each day in prayer thanking God for another day and that he continue to give you the strength, courage, knowledge, and wisdom to spread His word another day.


Affirmation – I will take the opportunity to pray each and every day giving thanks to God for the opportunity to serve Him and spread His word to others.  I will be joyful in hope that today will be filled with positive opportunity, I will be patient in affliction and offer solutions instead of adding to problems, I will be faithful in prayer and recognize that all good things happen because of God and that I should thank Him for every opportunity He gives me to continue to serve in His name.

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