The Simple Act Of Holding Hands

Do you crave physical touch?  I believe that as humans we all crave some sort of physical touch or connection to other humans and the best way to get it is by holding hands.  But, is there a deeper connection to this small act other than just the physical aspect of it?  As I go about my day looking around I notice that not many people hold hands anymore.  Usually, people are immersed in looking at their phones or some other device that they are completely unaware of what is going on around them or the loved ones they are with.


The greatest thing I saw the other day was an elderly couple holding hands and it brought a tear to my eye to see that they could share such a simple act of love to show not only each other, but everyone else around them that they are connected.  I love holding my wife’s hand when we are together.  Whether it be walking down the street, driving in our truck, or even at church.  Holding hands somehow makes me feel closer together, more connected, and bonded with my wife.  It’s a small token of appreciation that lets me know things are going well and that I have nothing to worry about.


Even holding the hands of my kids is a great way to stay connected with them.  I will often hold their hands when sitting on the couch watching a movie or walking somewhere.  If the mood hits me right I will even skip down the sidewalk or wherever I am at with them while holding hands.  It’s actually fun to do and brings smiles to not only my kids but others watching as we are doing so.  Next to giving or receiving a hug, I believe holding hands is a great way to show someone affection.  So, if you want to show someone a small token of love, reach out to them and hold hands.  I guarantee the warm sense of connection will make you feel good inside.

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