Top 5 Things To Do In Paris

Bonjour!  Perhaps the most popular tourist destination in the world, Paris has long been called the city of lights and rightfully so.  Bursting with culture, history, and fantastic cuisine it is of little wonder why millions make Paris their vacation destination.  A perfect destination to visit all year long for the single traveler, couple, or the whole family.

#1 the MUST see…the Eiffel Tower will be something you will see repeatedly while touring Paris, but the second most visited site is one a lot of people do not prepare for adequately; the Musee du Louvre.  It is best that you purchase tickets in advance and plan to take at least half a day to rush through its many exhibits.  Recommend dedicating a full day to really enjoy this museum.

#2 the MUST eat…On top of Montmartre butte is a feast for both eyes and nose with Le Coq Rico.  The smell of roast chicken fills the nostrils and with an assortment of hors d’euvres.  Chef Antione Westermann serves up a menu that is not to be missed.

#3 the MUST shop…There is one street you need to see in all of Paris with all of the shops one could wish for; Champs-Elysees.  This is the main boulevard that will run from most tourist sights and you can see the Arc de Triomphe as well along this street.    

#4 the MUST stay…Hotels come in various price ranges and comfort levels.  Be cautious when booking as their stars don’t necessarily mean the same star quality you might get elsewhere in the world.  For those who money is no object the best is the Four Seasons Goerge V.  Yet for the rest of us I recommend Hotel Mercure Vaugirard Porte de Versailles.  It is very close to the Eiffel tower and exhibition center  Great for families.

#5 the MUST do off the beaten path…ask almost everyone who has been to Paris and the top ten sites almost everyone goes and sees.  There is one site that many will not, or rather dare not.  The Catacombes de Paris.  It is a large series of underground tunnels and walkways that is called the “Worlds Largest Cometary”.  Be aware that some corridors in the catacombs are not for those with back problems or claustrophobia.  Pay attention to opening hours and closure dates before you plan to go.

C’est la vie!

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