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The Simple Act Of Holding Hands

Do you crave physical touch?  I believe that as humans we all crave some sort of physical touch or connection to other humans and the best way to get it is by holding hands.  But, is there a deeper connection to this small act other than just the physical aspect of it?  As I go about my day looking around I notice that not many people hold hands anymore.  Usually, people are immersed in looking at their phones or some other device that they are completely unaware of what is going on around them or the loved ones they are with.   The greatest thing I saw…

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Accomplish More with Less by Filtering Out the Bad and Hunting the Good Stuff (Filter Management)

You don’t need everything in your life. You hold on to things thinking you need them but in fact you really don’t. When you get rid of the things that are not important you will find that it is liberating and will free you up for the things that matter most in your life.  Have you ever seen someone who is a hoarder?  They will hoard everything regardless of the item because they think they can’t live without it, it has sentimental value, they might need it later for something (whatever that may be), someone else may need it and…

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Invest In Your Future (Money Management)

Saving money is hard to do.  Especially if you are not making enough to “just barely survive” and live paycheck to paycheck.  However, you must put some kind of money away into a saving account for emergencies and other things that you will need money for in the future. It is recommended by Dave Ramsey in his “7 Baby Steps” to at a minimum have $1,000 saved away for just these instances. Do not go below this threshold unless you absolutely have to but you should put forth every effort to maintain this amount.  This is just the beginning and…

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Invest In Your Personal or Professional Education/Training (Educational Goals)

Besides having knowledge and experience, nothing spells success or the potential for it better than having a degree or technical certification. By having these all important credentials sets you apart from your peers and will give you opportunities for promotion and higher level jobs that will benefit you and your family. You have to do something that sets yourself apart from your peers that will give you an advantage in knowledge, experience, promotion potential, and so forth.  One way that you can do that is to expand your personal or professional education.  Nowadays, having an Associate’s Degree, a Bachelors Degree,…

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Get Plenty Of Rest (Sleep Management)

I know you’ve seen it.  The person at work who always seems to be nodding off and never paying attention to anything that is going on around him or her. This is largely due to sleep deprivation. I know you have a busy life, you still have things you need and/or want to accomplish that cause you to burn the midnight oil. You have work that carries over to your home life, you have kids, your taking online college classes, trying to run a business in your spare time through a website or blog, or several other things that consume…

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Put Your Family First By Integrating Family Time In All That You Do (Family Time)

You are busy.  You have deadlines you have to meet at work causing you to work late nights or even holidays, weekends, skipped vacations.  Even when you are at home or out and about with your family you are thinking about work instead of being there in the moment with your family.  Believe me when I say that your family will notice that you are distant and you will only get further and further away from them if you don’t stop what you are doing and take time to enjoy your family. Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF), your family is…

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Get Active (Physical Fitness)

“A body in motion tends to stay in motion” – Sir Isaac Newton. Life is demanding and you have to be physically fit in order to meet all the demands that it puts on your body.  It’s kind of like the saying “only the strong survive”.  Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to go out there, lift an entire gym every single day, and try to put muscles on top of muscles, but you need to do something.  You need to find a balance in your workouts that make you physically fit under the “total body fitness” concept.  There…

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Develop Healthy Eating Habits (Healthy Diet)

Your life is fast-paced and hectic every single day and you often don’t have time to eat as well as you like.  You work at a high stress job that consumes your every thought and sometimes you barely have time to snack and when you do it’s not a very health snack.  You run to the machines in the building and load up on soda and chips for that quick something that will curb your hunger pangs until you can get to that 30 minute lunch, if that.  Once lunch hits, you either drive next door and get something fast…

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Set Goals And Accomplish Them (Goal Setting)

You have goals, right?  Things you want to accomplish.  Hopes and dreams that keep you awake at night consuming your every thought.  That is a good thing and perfectly normal. Everyone has things they desire in life.  Ranging from a new job, financial security, and more time with family, a new house or vehicle, a promotion, and the many things that can be attained in life. Before you get all crazy with your thoughts, there is one important aspect of setting goals that you must do before you take any further action.  That thing is create a list.  That’s right,…

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