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Make Time For Yourself (Time Management)

Your day is hectic, you barely have any time to complete the things you have to let alone the things you would like to and you are finding yourself a bit overwhelmed. It’s often difficult to manage your time when so much of is already managed for you or dictated by external sources outside of your own influence. This is stressful and will lead to a downfall of your motivation, morale, and even your health. You must do something every day to refresh your mind, body, and spirit. You must make time for yourself. You must set aside dedicated quiet…

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Be Clear And Concise (Find Clarity)

You live in a hectic world in which everything goes by you 1,000 miles per hour at top speed with no time to blink or you will miss something.  You are in content overload and there is no way to keep up with all of it.  In order to keep the chaos from taking over your life, you must find clarity by being clear and concise with your thoughts and actions. You can be clear and concise with your thoughts and actions by ensuring each are working together in harmony to achieve your goals. When you take the time to…

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Quick and Efficient “Mini Workouts” That Work When You Don’t Have Time

If you are anything like me, you don’t always have time to work out and must try alternative ways to get a good workout in every day. I have found that getting exercise in one complete session is not always an ideal solution so I must spread my workouts into “mini workouts” throughout the day in order to maintain a solid level of fitness, motivation, stress relief, and energy to continue my day. What I do to accomplish this is break my workouts into “mini workouts” in which I stop what I am doing every hour on the hour and…

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